Bethlehem Theatre group visits Marrickville

Marrickville’s Artists-in-Residence this November – Bethlehem Theatre Group 

Palestinian theatre makers from Bethlehem are visiting Australia as part of The 7arakat |‘harakat’ Project and are staging a public talk on Monday 5 November. Working with Australian theatre company Version 1.0, visiting theatre makers will be identifing and incorporating innovative approaches to documentary theatre that articulate issues concerning Palestinian experience and the ways Australians engage with that experience.  7arakat Project artists are Marrickville Council’s Artists in Residence for November.  This artists’ talk will be an opportunity to hear the theatre makers from Bethlehem talk about their creative practice.

Please contact Council’s Arts and Cultural Development Officer on 9335 2249 or [1] to RSVP.

Find more information about the project below.

The 7arakat |‘harakat’ Project: Background

The 7arakat or Harakat Project is an initiative supported by the Australia Council for the Arts through the Cultural Leadership Development Grant. Led by grant recipient Dr. Rand Hazou, the 7arakat Project seeks to develop a series of theatre-related initiatives between Australia and Palestine.

Artistic Rationale:

The title 7arakat is a phonetic transliteration of the Arabic word ‘harakat’ or ‘movements’ in which the first Arabic letter ‘ha’ is substituted by the symbol ‘7’. 7arakat is about finding innovative approaches to intercultural performance practice to create works that ‘move’ audiences emotionally and experientially. The idea of ‘movements’ forms the conceptual inspiration underpinning the project, expressing:

A stylistic approach to theatre making that focuses on the physicality of the actors. 7arakat is about the desire to create contemporary theatre works in which movement and the actor’s body stands at the centre of the theatrical experience.  An imperative to challenge conventional approaches to theatre making. 7arakat is about finding innovative approaches to performance.  A desire to create theatre projects and performance collaborations between Australia and Palestine. 7arakat is about facilitating the transfer of skills and knowledge between theatre makers and performers.  A need to create theatrical works that challenge cultural clichés. 7arakat is about ‘moving beyond’ cultural stereotypes of both Palestinians and Australians.An objective to motivate social and cultural change in which the theatre is situated as an exciting and challenging forum that stimulates debate and fosters cultural citizenship. 7arakat is about stimulating and developing culturally diverse theatre audiences and promoting ideas of cultural democracy and participation.

The 7arakat Creative Development Lab, 5 – 17 November 2012, The University of Sydney

One of the aims of the 7arakat Project is the development of a new work of documentary theatre involving Palestinian and Australian theatre-makers.Working in partnership with Australian theatre company version 1.0, the 7arakat Creative Lab will investigate the impact of digital technologies on storytelling in performance. Given the importance of oral storytelling within Palestinian culture, the project will seek to identify and incorporate into performance new and innovative approaches to documentary theatre that articulate issues concerning Palestinian experience and the ways Australians engage with that experience. This proposal seeks to develop a new work of Documentary Theatre involving Palestinian and Australian theatre-makers. The new work will be devised by participants in a two-week Creative Development Lab. Working collaboratively enlisting a group-devised process, and using a range of documents, testimonies and accounts, the project seeks to develop innovative approaches to staging involving the convergence of digital technologies and the physical bodies of performers.

Further information: [2]

Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2012 – 6:15pm
Venue:  Petersham RSL
Function Room 3 Petersham RSL, 7 Regent Street, Petersham, 2049
Free event: Yes
Venue email:
Venue website:


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