An Israeli Christmas present for Bethlehem

By Peter Manning

Israeli soldiers have raided two refugee camps north and south of Bethlehem in the last fortnight, invading homes and imprisoning youths.

On Tuesday, December 10, soldiers “invaded the Deheisha refugee camp, south of Bethlehem, searched several homes and kidnapped five Palestinians, including three brothers”, according to a report of the International Middle East Media Center (

The next day, December 11, dozens of Israeli soldiers repeated the attack, this time at the big Aida refugees camp where 6,000 people live.

“Local sources have reported that the army broke in to several homes and conducted violent searches, causing excessive property damage before kidnapping four Palestinians” said the Center.

The provocative raids come just before Christmas near the mixed Christian-Muslim “city of peace” and while US Secretary of State John Kerry is attempting to get a “peace process” off the ground.

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