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Video: 31 July 2012.
Jon Stewart mocks Mitt Romney’s “culture make all the difference” in his explanation of why Israelis have a higher GDP per capita to Palestinians.

See also New York Times (Ashley Parker, 30 July 2012)
Guardian (Chris McGreal, 1 August 2012)

Note even Romney’s comparison was incorrect.  The GDP per capita of Israel is $31,000 (CIA Fact Book – Israel).  The GDP per capita for Palestinians is $2,900. (CIA FAct Book – West Bank).

Despite failing to identify Israeli occupation as the obvious impediment to economic growth, the CIA FAct Book states “[d]espite the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) largely successful implementation of economic and security reforms and the easing of some movement and access restrictions by the Israeli Government in 2010, Israeli closure policies continue to disrupt labor and trade flows, industrial capacity, and basic commerce, eroding the productive capacity of the West Bank economy.”(CIA FAct Book – West Bank) (emphasis added).

Video: West Wing responds to Newt Gingrich’s slur on Palestinians

This excerpt was taken from “H. Con-172” which was the 54th episode of West Wing.  The original air date was 9 January 2002.

“Bartlet wants to frame an eighteenth century map of Palestine and the Holy Land that Charlie got him from a flea market, and put it in the Oval Office, but C.J., Toby, and Leo warn the President of the political implications, since the historical map excludes Israel and would be construed in the wrong way if it was put in the office of the President of the United States. The President is irritated that anyone would be offended by the fact that the map excludes Israel, given that the map was drawn long before there was a country called Israel.” (Wiki)

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