Bethlehem Christmas cards

Friends of Bethlehem has produced a Christmas card to help fund raise for Bethlehem. The front cover has the beautiful image of Bethlehem as painted by Scottish artist David Roberts in 1839.  The inside of the card describes what visitors to Bethlehem may find today –  including what has been described by a growing number of people as an Apartheid wall – a structure that has been ruled as illegal by the International Court of Justice.  The back cover is an image of the Bethlehem wall as painted by Australian painter Bob Birch.

These Christmas cards can be bought by contacting Friends of Bethlehem at:

Internet banking can also be used.

Cheque payment to Friends of Bethlehem, P.O. Box 418, Dulwich Hill, NSW, 2203.

Cards can be bought in bundles of 10.  The cost is $1 per card (i.e. $10/pack).  Plus postage.

Christmas resources

The Bethlehem Pack is a resource pack designed by Amos Trust for churches to help them talk about the current situation in Bethlehem, the occupation and the separation wall at Christmas. The pack has been updated for Christmas 2011 with new reflections and statements written by Christian Palestinians who live in Bethlehem. There are suitable to be read out in a carol service or at a church Christmas service.

Illegality of the Separation wall/barrier

International Court of Justice july 2004 Advisory opinion
ICJ advisory opinion
UN news 9 July 2004
Israeli West Bank Barrier Wiki

Apartheid and Palestine

Russell Tribunal (November 2011)
John Dugard (November 2011)
Israel and the Apartheid Analogy (Wiki)
Feminist delegation ( Electronic Intifada July 2011)
South Africa Advertising Standards Agency ruling: Israel can be compared to Apartheid South Africa (7 July 2011)
Stop the Wall (About Us)
Ehud Barak “make peace with Palestinians or face apartheid” (February 2010)
Jimmy Carter: Peace not Apartheid (Democracy Now interview November 2006)
Uri Davis, “The movement against Israeli apartheid in Palestine“, 2002; (Uri Davis wiki)
Desmond Tutu, Tutu condemns Israeli ‘apartheid’, BBC News, 29 April 2002
Arjan El Fassed (January 2000)

Images of the wall in Bethlehem

Palestine Remembered (Link 1)
Pictires4Palestine (Link 1)
Miftah (Factsheet)
Electronic Intifada (6 July 2004)
LAW – The Palestinian Society for the Protection of Human Rights and the Environment (2003 link)


Zoughbi Zoughbi, Bethlehem Council member and nonviolent activist (24 December 2009)





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