About Us


Friends of Bethlehem Inc. is a not-for-profit association based in the Marrickville Muncipality of Sydney, Australia.

Our aims are simple:

  • to provide support and ideas for Marrickville Council’s civic initiatives and dialogue with its sister city of Bethlehem in occupied Palestine;
  • to help form people-to-people relationships between the communities of Marrickville and Bethlehem; and
  • to initiate action to raise broader public awareness and support for justice and peace in Bethlehem and occupied Palestine as a whole.

If you support these aims, please join us as a member.

Some of our actions have included:

  • hosting a meeting of Councillors in Marrickville to hear from Brother Peter Bray, the Vice-Chancellor of the (multi-religious) Catholic University of Bethlehem;
  • provided Bethlehem art work for primary school children in Marrickville to experience Palestinian local culture; and
  • bought weavings, embroidery and woodwork from Bethlehem artists for local display.
  • written to the local federal member, Mr Anthony Albanese, MHR, and Foreign Minister, Mr Kevin Rudd, about attacks by illegal Israeli settlers on Palestinian students and staff of Bethlehem trying to attend Bethlehem University
  • appeared with a stall under the Friends of Bethlehem banner at the big Marrickville Festival in October and sold Bethlehem-made goods;
  • visited and spoken to churches in the Marrickville area to alert worshippers to the suffering of Bethlehem people under the Israeli occupation, to sell their goods and to sell our own Friends of Bethlehem Christmas cards; and
  • began a Friends of Bethlehem “playground account” to support Marrickville Council’s drive to assist Bethlehem with a second playground.

Friends of Bethlehem Management Committee:

Chair and Public Officer: Peter Jennings

Vice Chair: Ken Enderby

Treasurer: Peter Manning

Secretary: Stewart Mills

Web manager: Stewart Mills

Social media: Sarah Enderby


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